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No.. I'm not dead..

 Actually, I have been writting alot lately, got some new Dethfic, working on a novel with my brother, and working on a screen play. I will post some of the stories from the Mordhaus online universe for ya. It's different, and yah, I am an actual character in this bit of stories. They were inspired by the fun stuff with the dethklok guys on Myspace/Mordhaus online!

 The guys that are doing the contest!!! Which is going to be awseome!!!

Here are the links to my new fic. They are in order.

#1 MoRdhaus:

#2 The tRouble with R:

#3 pRactical Jokes:

A new club on Face Book!

 Hello everybody! I made a new club on Face Book!  It's called : The Soul-Murdering Lady Society for William Murderface!
It's open to everyone who's a fan. I posted some pics using Photoscape. So if you are in the neighborhood and have facebook, please stop by!


MsM- Do you have facebook? I need to add ya if you do..


Calling all Artists!!!

 Mordhaus Online is doing a new contest! An idea submitted by yours truely! A calendar featuring... *wait for it**
THE MEN OF MORDHAUS! Now because I am lazy, I want to post a link straight to the contest info for ya!  When this Calendar comes out it will be free to all fans to download! So yippe! More Dethklok Goodies!

The link is-

A new Rp, to grace LJ soon..

 Okay, I have been kicking around a few ideas with Ivy and Spell and I would love to have another Rp. But here's the thing. I want it to be as follows: Set in the Mord, free roaming (so all character types, from roadies to band members to unique characters welcome), and I was hoping that Ivy and Spell would host this with me. So that if one of us is down, another can take over and so we can switch off. I also figure that we could have alot of sub stories and things going on. So any ideas, wants, or sujestions?

Miss Murderface Competition part 9

 ( I know I have been slacking, partly because I don't want it to end but also because I have been up to my butt in stuff...))

   *As Murderface and R argue in the sheilded band pit, the fight continues outside. When MsM jumps on the back of the bot, it wildly flings her about. It takes some damage, but it only slows it down. Sparks shoot from it's neck. When the booze that is droped hits it, it egnites the robot, lighting it's hair on fire and melting it's face. It looks like terminator with boobs. It throws MsM off and advances towards Spyce. Before it can rip Spyce in half, a well placed shotgun shell blows off it's head. The bot falls over with it's neck in Spyce's crotch.*

 Murderface- Are'ch you'ch ok?

R- That was a good shot! :) 

Murderface- You'ch know ladie'sh, we've been'ch talking.. *shits down with the shot gun across his lap.* 
R'ch and I'ch really can'tch pick between chtee ch'oo of ya. Sh'oo... anyone up for'ch a sh'ree chome? 

R- YOU had to ruin the moment didn't you... *groans*
Charles is going to really let me have it for this one.. *looks around at the flaming robot parts and battle torn stage* 

I hopefully I have left the door to this place open enough to come and write again. :)
Commited X'D...Collapse )

I have been writting this for a while. It's not exactly an end but it ties up a few loose ones. I put this in two parts so it will fit!
Is there anyone else who wants some early stories of the Succubosos?? Writting this really makes me wanna know. 

I'm not gonna spoil it! Read on..Collapse )

Miss Murderface Competition part 8

((You can't see R very well in this picture...but she's there..Maybe under the tables somewhere.. XD))

   R- *sitting at the band table eating a taco, R and Pickles passing a bottle of Tequilla back and forth*

  R- Oh! We are back!!! XD
Okay, ladies! Time to get down to the nitty gritty. *winks and gives Toki a bite of her Taco* Let's move on to some Murderface Personal trivia, see what you guys know about the world's favorite bassist. XD

Murderface- *beams*

R- Okay first question in this section, what type of bass, does William play?

Miss Murderface Competition Part 7

((Ok let's continue shall we?? XD))

R- *looks over the answers carefully* ....
I'm sorry, but Florida was not one of the states that succeed from the union. In case anyone was wondering:  The first seven to secceed from the union were: South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Mississippi,Alabama, and Georgia; next came four more: Virgina, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Spyce gets the point, but you can still make it up!

R- Also because, I have had about all the Civil War trivia I can stomach, how about we move to anatomy trivia? *@ MsM Don't worry there is this AND Murderface trivia so, you aren't smoked yet. ;)
So far, Miss Spyce is in the lead!!

((I am just going to go ahead and post a few anatomies up here..))

R-  Alrighty ladies....What is the Plica semilunaris?

R-  According to the US Military's Survival Guide, what are the nine pressure points on the human body?

R-* looks at Murderface* YOU are gonna love this one. *winks at him*  According to the US Miliary's Survival Guide, when is the only time it is appropriate to use urine as an antiseptic, and where?

This is the second half. Of the story. XD Okay I am in a very silly mood.


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